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 Guilty pleasure pop is back, and Melbourne's Biond is at the forefront of its resurgence. With her glittery fem-pop sound and powerful vocals, she’s carved out a space that’s uniquely her own.


Her upcoming third single, ‘TFW’, is a power-pop anthem about sexual freedom. It unveils an emerging theme throughout Biond’s releases: the value of relationships in an era of instant gratification and infinite opportunity. Her fierce vocals embody themes of desire and empowerment, while the pulsating soundscape draws you into the drama of a dangerous rendezvous.


This new single arrives off the back of ‘Like He Never’, Biond’s breakthrough second single. Triple J Unearthed gave it it's premiere and added it to rotation, calling it "A song for our generation". The track also generated heaps of Triple J attention, receiving spins on both Good Nights and Home & Hosed.


‘TFW’ drops on Spotify November 13th.


Photo by Jeff Andersen Jnr